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Palladium Books® Weekly Update – December 8, 2011

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By Kevin Siembieda

Sometimes I think my entire life is a roller coaster ride.

The week started out with the roller coaster rocketing across with thrilling ooohs and ahhhs.

Monday began with stellar (finally!) online sales (sure hope it stays that way). At 10:30 A.M. the printer called to tell us Rifts® Path of the Storm™: One writer’s vision for the Rifts® movie would be arriving later that day, a day earlier than expected. The book looks great, reproduction of the interior pencil art and the color cover is beautiful, and we are just geeked about this title. This is Matthew’s first, fully authored book with his name on the front cover, so he was beside himself with anticipation. I’d have to say Christmas came early for him this Monday. Matthew’s excitement and energy made me silly, and we clowned around all afternoon while packing books. Wayne and I teased poor Matthew without mercy the entire day, making up stories and calling him “Mister Hollywood.” It was a fun, if busy, day. Busy, because we also had a zillion Christmas Surprise Packages to process. It made the day seem to zoom by at lightning speed. Whew.

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Rifts® Path of the Storm Shipping Now!

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Rifts® Path of the Storm™ is shipping now!

  • A complete movie screenplay, with dialog.
  • A story that captures the feel and attitude of Rifts®.
  • Character stats for inclusion in your own games.
  • Three new demons and other villains.
  • Use the story and ideas in your own Rifts® campaign.
  • Some concept art and character illustrations.
  • A fun read and insight behind the scenes at Palladium.
  • Cover and interior artwork by Charles Walton.
  • Written by Matthew Clements. Additional notes by Kevin Siembieda.
  • 96 pages – Cat. No. 305.

Buy Rifts® Path of the Storm™ now!

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